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when the landscape ceases

© dieter sperl, 1999
unique text-sampling randomly generated from 45(!) combination possibilities

concept: paul pechmann and dieter sperl
translation: gordon burgess

© helmut leitner software, 2000


when the landscape ceases is made up of 45 punctuation-free text sequences that can be combined with each other in any order whatsoever, and was conceived specially for the Austrian exhibition comm.gr2000az; these text-samples are joined together by a random generator in ever new sequences to make ever new continuous texts. In this way, this produces a proliferation of semantic and syntactical constellations which infect each other, which, together with the duplication of interconnections for the reader, is a part of the conception: texts which spread out without any apparent direction. This is not a single stream-of-consciousness but artificially produced streams which come into contact with consciousness and are set in motion.

when the landscape ceases constantly generates images, thoughts, scenes, and, as it were, retracts these meanings through the ever-present flow, keeps this suspended, near the emptiness of all things, but
a t   t h e   s a m e   t i m e   q u i t e   a l i v e
(the text samples used are from various linguistic fields): construction — deconstruction — flow — emptiness  are the parameters of this application.

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